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Andrew Jones Photography

Andrew Jones is an experienced photographer based in Hampshire (United Kingdom). He has been taking landscape and wildlife photographs for more than 30 years. He initially concentrated on wildlife photography and travelled to many destinations around the world in search of some of the great scenes that the natural world can provide, including the ice flows of the Arctic, the savannahs of Africa, and the icy environment of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

Walrus Portrait
Arctic Ocean

Masai Mara

Black Browed Albatross
Southern Ocean

After visiting some of the world's great wilderness areas in search of wildlife, across all 7 continents, his photographic subjects grew to favour natural landscapes. In the earlier years this resulted in visits to many wilderness landscape destinations around the world, which have included the dune deserts of Namibia, the mountainous Torres del Paine in South America, and the striking landscapes of Iceland.

Dune Patterns

Torres Del Paine

Jökulsarlón Ice

An interest in both landscape and wildlife photography has led to a desire to try and capture photographs of wildlife that illustrate the essence and character of the environment in which the animals can typically be found.

Polar Bear
Arctic ice flows

Orca Twilight
Norwegian Fjords

Fighting Fur Seals
Skeleton Coast

The rich and varied scenery of Andrew Jones' home country of the United Kingdom has provided much inspiration. In recent years, landscape photography in his home country has been his primary focus, including its striking coastline.

Sandstone Coast

Porth Nanven Shoreline

Twilight at Elgol
Isle of Skye

Much of his wildlife photography has recently focused on his home county of Hampshire and particularly those animals that visit his small village garden, which include many species of moths.

Angle Shades

December Moth

Jersey Tiger

Andrew Jones has had commended entries in a number of international photographic competitions including the 'Take a View' Landscape Photographer of the Year, the International Garden Photograher of the Year, and the Wanderlust Travel Photograph of the Year. His photographs have been displayed in exhibitions in the United Kingdom and published in a number of books.

King Street

Loch Maree Dawn
Wester Ross

The Sailing Barge

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