Andrew Jones Photography
Gondola Reflections, Venice, Italy, by Andrew Jones

Gondola Reflections

Venice, Italy

Technical Details

Canon 5D mkII DSLR

Canon 16-35mm 2.8 L USM

20mm focal length

ISO 100

f /14

1/20 second

ND Graduated Filter

"My visit to Venice coincided with the regular tidal flooding that effects this low lying city, which is most evident during the autumn and winter months. During this time, around high tide, many of the streets and squares can be covered in up to half a metre of water. This shot was taken around high tide when, even though the tidal height was not so great, the lagoon waters were still lapping over the stone pavement along the shoreline close to St Mark's Square. This created an excellent reflective surface which one could use to best effect if the camera was placed directly on its surface. However one had to react quickly to stop the camera getting drenched each time one of the frequent waves sent spray crashing over the area."