Leaping Salmon, Stainforth Force, Yorkshire Dales, by Andrew Jones

Leaping Salmon

Stainforth Force, Yorkshire Dales

Technical Details

Canon 5D mkII DSLR

Canon 24-105mm 4.0 L IS

82mm focal length

ISO 1250

f /7.1

1/640 second

Leaping Salmon, Yorkshire Dales, by Andrew Jones

"I found the most reliable way to get any close-up shots of salmon as they take on waterfalls is to place the camera on a tripod and focus on one area of the falls. Then wait with your finger on the shutter release until you see a Salmon beginning its leap, then press the shutter. I was particularly looking for some shots that showed the salmon nicely positioned just above the crashing surf at the bottom of the falls. The fish leap the falls following various different trajectories and it took many attempts to get a few shots with the fish in the required position coupled with the salmon itself being close to the pre-set focal point of the lens."