Andrew Jones Photography
Lofoten Church, Lofoten Islands, Norway, by Andrew Jones

Lofoten Church

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Technical Details

Velvia 50 (pre 2007) Film

Canon 28-200mm 3.5-5.6

Exposure not recorded

"Driving to a pre-planned location for sunrise, I came across this church by accident. It was the perfect time of day to get some long exposure shots as strong spotlights lit up the church in the dim twilight of dawn. The large mountain in the picture is nearly two miles away, standing at 691m, and it creates a dramatic backdrop for the church. A recent heavy snowfall helps to give a pristine quality to the shots taken here. I took both landscape and portrait format photographs of this scene. The landscape shots I took show the church offset to one side of the background mountain's summit. Whereas I found the portrait shots of the church worked better when the church was aligned with the peak of the mountain's summit. Luckily the road I was on ran at right angles to the church allowing for the required change in composition. However at one point it did mean I had to get out of the way of a snowplough!