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Loch Maree Dawn
Wester Ross

Wilderness Landscape

"On a calm morning in autumn, sharp reflections are caught in the still waters of Loch Maree at twilight."

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The Sailing Barge

Inhabited Landscape

"On hour earlier this spot wasn't even worthy of a single photograph. Now the wind had completely dropped, the cloud had cleared, and the low evening light was illuminating a stunning scene."

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Bruges Reflection

Inner Landscape

"A large stained-glass window is reflected in the waters of one of the canals of Bruges. With the right amount of movement in the water, some very attractive abstract patterns are produced by the reflections."

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Damselfly Stare

Wildlife Portrait

"An emerging Azure Damselfly rests on an iris bud to create a simple but striking image. The complementary green tones of the surrounding vegetation help to provide a simple background that complements the colour of the iris flower bud."

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Fighting Fur Seals

Wildlife Behaviour

"Two male Fur Seals fight in the crashing surf of the Namibian Skeleton Coast. The aggressive mood of the combatant seals is complimented by the surrounding turbulent waters."

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Polar Bear
Arctic Ocean

Wildlife in their Environment

"A male Polar Bear wanders over a large area of broken sea ice. This is one of seven Polar Bears that were found roaming the drift ice close to Kong Karl's Land, on the edge of the Arctic Ocean."