Banks of Loch Carron, Lockalsh, Scotland, by Andrew Jones

Banks of Loch Carron

Lockalsh, Scotland

Technical Details

Canon 5D mkII DSLR

Canon 24-105mm 4.0 L IS

55mm focal length

ISO 800

f /18

41 seconds

ND Graduated Filter

ND 400 Filter

 Loch Carron Island, by Andrew Jones

"A path leading from the outskirts of Plockton runs along the southern shore of Loch Carron. A small island with a few Scots Pines provides an interesting photographic subject just offshore. On this particular day there was very little wind which allowed some good reflections in the sea loch. At the location of the main image (left), it was so calm that I could use a 'big stopper' to take long exposures of up to a minute without the surrounding vegetation moving during the shot."